7 Reasons Why Flower Box Bouquets Are The Perfect Gift In 2021

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Who doesn’t love flowers? For thousands of years, people have been using flowers to express their love and affection to the ones that matter the most. From fresh flowers to synthetic ones, the act of flower gifting has evolved in many shapes and forms such as flower bouquets and flower box.

Unfortunately, with the advent of the pandemic, it has become increasingly difficult to meet face to face – a crucial part of presenting gifts. We seem to have lost an important part of our connection with others, and are constantly compensating with gifts sent via online stores. 

One of the latest trends, that has taken the flower gift industry by storm, is sending loved ones a flower box! Bloom boxes don’t stray away from the traditional hand bouquet but have elevated flower bouquets into a beautiful array of blooms paired perfectly with a colourful box. 

We’ve listed out some reasons why flower bouquet boxes are a great and safe way to send your love:


Ever racked your brain trying to figure out what present will be the most appropriate for each occasion? Don’t fret, it happens to the best of us. 

Whether it’s Mother’s Day or a close friend’s wedding, wrapping up the perfect gift is crucial. Flowers are always the easiest way to go. However, some might find it overly simple and boring. With flower bouquet boxes, you can tailor each gift to perfectly suit any occasion.


Purchasing the freshest blooms can be costly since the industry today is oversaturated. Flower boxes in a hand-crafted case presents a reasonably priced choice, without breaking the bank.

Two bloom box with colourful flowers and blooms packed as gifts.
Simply Blooms Bloom Box of The Week


Without a doubt, flowers are a great way to express your love and affection towards someone special. If you’re looking to say, “I love you”, or, “I’m sorry”, you can try mixing and matching different types of flowers to help you express your feelings. 


Flowers brighten the day of even the grumpiest people. Their colours, sweet fragrances, and vibrancy are just some of the reasons why people smile from ear to ear when they receive bouquets.

Brightens Up Any Space

It’s no surprise that a colourful bouquet of fresh blooms is a great addition to all parts of the home. The combination of vibrant colours and fragrances will mesmerize everyone, whilst keeping them relaxed. Housed in a matching box that complements the floral arrangement, the cheerfulness within this space is further enhanced. 

Low Maintenance

A common misconception is that flowers are a hassle to take care of. But we’re here to tell you that with a little dedication, your recipient will be able to enjoy their gift for at least three days! When you send your gift, let your loved one know a little water should be given sparingly to the boxed bouquet every now and then. They should also keep the box away from direct sunlight, and it must be stored in a cool, dry place. 

Simply Blooms Bloom Box of The Week

A Variety Of Options

It goes without saying that you have a wide array of options when it comes to picking the perfect flower box bouquet. From roses to showcase your affection, to white lilies to express your condolences, there is an abundance of flowers to choose from for all occasions. 

Your Very Own Flower Box Bouquet!

If you’d like your gift to be a little more special, try to do it yourself! Learn how to create your very own flower box bouquet from the wonderful DIY specialist, Dainty Diaries!

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