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  • Condolence Flower Wreath - Stand by You

    Stand by You

    Lilies, Cabbage, Eustomas, Anthuriums, Matthiola ,Chrysanthemums, Gerberas, Orchids, Bird Of Paradise

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Send Your Condolences Wishes with Our Stunning Sympathy Flower

A loved one’s departure can be painful and traumatic for the grieving family. It can be difficult to express your condolences to them during these sensitive times. Understanding this, Simply Blooms has crafted a string of sympathy flowers to console the broken hearts.


Carefully put together with 100% freshly-picked flowers, our beautiful and elegant condolence flowers encapsulate your long-lasting love and respect to the dearly departed. The classic display of the funeral flower also serves as a gentle reminder to the grieving family that the immortal soul of the departed will forever stay on their minds, and that you will be there for them when they are ready or if they need a shoulder to cry on.


Apart from that, our florists have a great sense of colour matching in creating the sympathy flowers that help you to convey your grief. Because of this, our funeral flowers come in muted colours such as black, white, grey and purple, and are wrapped with Japanese flower fabric that signifies respect to the departed. If you are wondering which types of flowers are the perfect match, our professional florists are here to assist you as well.


Our personalized greeting card service is another bonus of our sympathy flower delivery service as we believe that it is the thoughts that count. Add a touch of personalization by customizing your message on the card. Pen down your message on our card so that your lovely memories with the dearly departed can be kept forever while delivering a message of comfort to a sorrow heart in the funeral.


Buy our condolence flower now to send your deepest sympathies to the grieving family. We provide fast sympathy flowers delivery to the funeral.