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Flowers & Fruits

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Versatile Flowers and Fruit Gift Baskets

Getting a unique gift for someone who is extremely health-conscious can be daunting sometimes and a simple fruit hamper can be too ordinary as well.


Realizing these difficulties, we have worked with our sister company, Simply Hamper to bring you three special flower and fruits gift baskets by incorporating the beautiful gerberas into the fruit hampers. Similar but somewhat different, the gerberas in various colours make up the defining characteristics of the hampers, setting them apart from each other.


Bright and striking, our Garden of Fruits gift basket is akin to the sunshine that will warm the recipients’ hearts. The vibrant colour combination of the flowers and fruits makes this gift hamper extra distinctive and outstanding.


More than a fruit hamper attached with free delivery, our Nature Fruity Blossom fruit hamper is ideal to convey your heartfelt wishes and love to your recipients. Dressed to impress, this flower and fruits hamper is a delight to your recipient’ eyes and mouth.


Signifying happiness, the yellow gerbera found in our Fruity Floral Flush gift basket adds a cheerful and joyful touch to the hamper, making it a perfect multi-purpose hamper that you can send as a housewarming or get-well-soon gift.


Planning for a last-minute picnic? Sweet and romantic, our Glowing Pink Basket with Flowers hamper is what you need to bring along. Carefully arranged with lovely flowers, this fruit basket will bring your picnic game to another level, eliciting oohs-and-ahhs among your friends.


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