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The cloud may hide the Sun but this box of preserved natural rose and flowers will always brighten the room. Order one now to enjoy a cup of warm tea on a rainy day as the Brightest Smile brings a smile to her face.

Dimension : L15cm x B15cm x H10cm

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Ann & Daughter

Artisan Florists

Our handcrafted bouquets are designed by local artisan florists and we pride ourselves in providing the most delicate care to our flowers. Dedicated to perfection, we source only for roses of the finest quality. .


Real Roses, Only Better

Preserved flowers are made from real roses and are perfect bouquet alternatives. Each flower head undergoes an intricate process to preserve the quality of the petals, allowing our preserved flowers to last for years to come.

The Colour of Grace

Inspiring a sense of sophistication and timelessness, our preserved flower series are delicately placed within a dark-coloured box to create a strong contrast against our bright, preserved flowers and bring out the vibrancy.

Zero Maintenance

Mess and fuss, be gone! Having undergone a special preservation process, these roses remains fresh and beautiful, even without water, mud or Sunlight. Simply put the box in the spot you like and you can enjoy the beauty of the flower.

The Ultimate Impression

Elegantly designed, Simply Blooms Greeting Card sends heartfelt messages by touching the recipient's heart at first sight.

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All Customer Reviews

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