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  • wedding flower bouquet packages - Bliss - Simply Blooms


    Blue hydrangea,White Eustoma, Yam Rose & Ornament

    Excl. GST: $149.00 Incl. GST: $159.43
  • wedding flower bouquet packages - Garden Romance - Simply Blooms

    Garden Romance

    Pink Hydrangea, Pink Roses, Eustoma, Alstroemeria & Foliages

    Excl. GST: $150.00 Incl. GST: $160.50
  • wedding flower bouquet packages - Midnight Magic - Simply Blooms

    Midnight Magic

    Green Hydrangea, Yam & Pink Roses, Ranunculus Foliages

    Excl. GST: $160.00 Incl. GST: $171.20
  • wedding flower bouquet packages - Winter Romance - Simply Blooms

    Winter Romance

    White and Peach Roses, Calla lilies & Foliages

    Excl. GST: $190.00 Incl. GST: $203.30

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4 Epic Wedding Flower Packages for Different Brides


Wedding is one of the biggest days for most of the people and you may have spent a few months planning your ideal wedding colour scheme, dress and venue. But how about the bridal flower that you will be holding while walking down the aisle?


Here are our suggested wedding flower packages for brides-to-be with different personalities and style preferences:


Complemented with blue hydrangea, our adorable Bliss wedding flower exudes a sense of tranquility and elegance, making it the perfect match for a bride who pursues freedom and is planning for a beach-themed wedding.


Dainty and pristine, our Garden Romance wedding bouquet is suitable for a bride looking for a rustic, country-style wedding. The soft pink hydrangeas and roses make up a harmonised colour palette that will add a vintage charm to your wedding.


If you are having a ballroom wedding, our Midnight Magic wedding bouquet is what you need. Jazzed up with a dab of purple, this gorgeous bridal flower is synonymous with sophistication that will incorporate a modest twist to the whole wedding.


Representing the pure love of the sweet couple, our classic Winter Romance wedding flower comes in a pleasant hue of white and light yellow. Choose this simple yet impressive bridal bouquet if you are a minimalist with a taste for simplicity.


Get ready for your big day by ordering our lovely wedding flowers today!