3 Auspicious Chinese New Year Flowers

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Chinese New Year is right around the corner! So, it’s time to make the most of the festivities from stocking up on red ang poas and cooking delicious traditional delicacies to booking a family staycation and spending time with loved ones. But any Chinese New Year celebration wouldn’t be complete without flowers. 

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In the spirit of the upcoming festive season, let’s talk about 3 Auspicious Chinese New Year flowers!


In Chinese culture, orchids symbolize fertility and abundance – apart from being one of the most intricate and elegant blossoms. While these flowers come in a huge variety of colors and sizes, one of the species most favored for Chinese New Year is the oncidium orchid, sometimes also known as the Dancing Ladies. 

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This variety bears tiny yellow blossoms that are prized for resembling golden coins, and therefore prosperity. Orchids should be kept in bright, indirect sunlight and in medium bark with good drainage.

Pussy Willows

Another auspicious Chinese New Year flower is the pussy willow. It is representative of growth and the arrival of prosperity and good fortune. The buds of these willows are also beautiful, almost like silk and when the shoots come out, they look like birds.

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To take care of them, water them twice a week if they are in a vase and thrice a week if they are in a pot, this routine will also prevent mosquitoes from breeding.


Known in Chinese as the water fairy flower, the narcissus has always been a firm favorite for Chinese New Year flowers. Symbolizing good fortune and prosperity, this is considered one of the most auspicious blooms, but the flower is loved for its delicate simplicity and the fact that it makes your house smell lovely!

However, they grow fast in warmer temperatures so be sure to get them nearer to the house visitation dates. Yet, despite their rapid growth, they are also easy to keep – they just need to be placed in a shallow dish and filled with water and pebbles.

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