5 Auspicious Must-Haves for Chinese New Year

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With 2022 coming to an end….it means we are days away from celebrating Chinese New Year! Hence, it is the perfect time to relearn a thing or two about what makes this occasion an auspicious one.

For starters, we have listed 5 common items – food and decorative – that are said to be auspicious must-haves in homes during the Chinese New Year! 

Oranges and Tangerines

During this festive season, you’ll usually find a bowl of oranges or tangerines placed on dining tables and sideboards. These fruits are synonymous with wealth as reflected in the Chinese word for the mandarin orange, kam (in the Cantonese dialect), which sounds like ‘gold’.

Kumquat Tree

Wealth and overall good fortune are strong themes during Chinese New Year. Thus, having kumquat trees at homes symbolizes good fortune and blessings. It’s usually placed near the entryway of homes — but more often than not, these compact kumquat trees are also gifted to business associates as a way to bestow good tidings. 

Paper Cuttings

Another common must-have item during this festive season, is that of the Chinese character fook in other words paper cuttings, which means wealth. They are usually hung upside down to symbolize money pouring into the home or office.  Although, these paper cuttings vary in sizes and it entirely depends on one’s preference. 


As for red lanterns, they are a staple piece when it comes to celebrating Chinese New Year. Especially since red is an auspicious color in Chinese culture, and it’s a color that makes its way into almost anything that needs celebrating. Hence, these red lanterns are hung as symbols of good luck and prosperity.

Chinese Couplets or Dui Lian

Similar to the paper cuttings, dui lian is a pair of Chinese calligraphy written in black ink on red paper. Hung as a pair, these characters usually carry well wishes for prosperity, good health and fortune. 

So, if you’re looking for ideas to make your home all the more auspicious during this festive season, we suggest you start simple with a bowl of oranges and then move on to hanging a few lanterns. It’ll also dabble as a great bonding time with family and friends.

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