5 Ways To Make Someone’s Day


It doesn’t have to be a special occasion for you to make someone feel special. Small gestures like sending a bouquet of fresh flowers can instantly put a smile on someone’s face. More so, it has been scientifically proven that spreading kindness boosts serotonin production and lowers anxiety!

Kindness makes the world go round and let’s pass it on when we can. From flower kindness to generous tipping, you can hop on that kindness train with these five ideas!

  1. Send Flowers

Beautiful bouquet arrangements are not just made for weddings or anniversaries. A bouquet of beautiful fresh flowers such with roses or sunflowers is a great way to surprise someone simply because you can. 

The element of surprise is even greater with them not expecting anything special on an ordinary day. With our same day flower delivery service, go ahead and make someone’s day! Not too sure what type of flowers or flower arrangement that particular someone might like? Don’t overthink it, it’s the thought that counts!

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  1. Buy Someone Coffee

Other than a flower bouquet, a cup of coffee can go a long way, especially if it’s free and comes unexpectedly. Do you live in a condominium or apartment complex with security guards that stay up all night? That’s an opportunity right there.

Perhaps you have a colleague whom you often go for coffee runs with. Make their day by simply getting their coffee without expecting anything in return and who knows, they might pass on the same gesture and make someone else smile too!

  1. Leave A Big Tip

When you’re dining at a restaurant and the service is above and beyond, you owe it to your server to tip well – if you can afford it. Many people in the serving industry rely on tips and leaving a generous tip will definitely make your waiter or waitress’ day.

It isn’t easy waiting tables all day and a simple act of kindness can inspire them to go that extra mile. 

  1. Post A Positive Review

Were you pleased with a speedy food delivery service or how prompt a customer service personnel handled your request? Pay it forward by sharing a positive review or write an email to thank them. 

People in the service industry face all sorts of unique challenges on a daily basis. Giving an honest compliment on their hard work will definitely motivate them to continue doing good. 

  1. Cook For A Loved One

Can we all agree that food just tastes better when it is home-cooked by a loved one? Next time you’re in the kitchen cooking, how about making an extra portion to be delivered to a loved one. Bonus points if you’re able to drop it off personally! Nothing says ‘hey, i’m thinking of you” more than a bowl of homemade goodness. 

We hope you’re feeling inspired to pay it forward and spread kindness like confetti after reading this article. If you enjoyed reading this or found it to be useful, don’t be afraid to share it!

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