5 Traditional Christmas Flowers

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Christmas season is right on our doorstep, and Mariah Carey is defrosting as we speak. Malls are blaring Christmas music, restaurants are being decorated with holly and baubles, and Christmas trees are being dusted off as they emerge from the depths of storage for their once-a-year showing. 

In the spirit of the upcoming holly, jolly season, let’s talk about some traditional Christmas flowers, and their history!


You’ll be hard pressed to avoid poinsettia during this festive season. It’s the ultimate Christmas plant for its classic red and green foliage, and are made into stunning Christmas displays all around the world. 

Red poinsettia is the most commonly-used colour, however there are other variations of colour such as white and pink. Over the years, it was used by Christians to symbolise the Star of Bethlehem due to its star shape, while past civilisations considered the plant to be a symbol of purity. 

Poinsettia is now seen as a symbol of good cheer and success, and is used to bring wishes of celebration during Christmas!


These small, prickly little berries are another holiday favourite. They’ve been used as holiday decoration for hundreds of years, for both at home and for commercial purposes. 

However, holly has actually been used as a major religious symbol for thousands of years. Ancient Romans used to associate the plant with the god of agriculture and harvest, and decorated the halls with its boughs during festivities. 

Some later on believed that holly was used to make Jesus’ crown of thorns. It was also believed that holly was a symbol of fertility and eternal life after the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and thought to contain magical powers. According to legend, holly berries were once white but became permanently red due to the blood shed by Jesus Christ to atone for the sins of humanity. 

Have a very holly, jolly Christmas indeed!


Amaryllis is another popular Christmas bloom due to its versatility and symbolism! It blooms with bright, cheery red flowers that match traditional Christmas colours perfectly. Other variants produce white flowers that are perfect for a winter wonderland appearance.

The plant is believed to represent determination, beauty and love. It’s also a Greek name that means ‘sparkle’, which suits the Christmas season perfectly! As for practicality, amaryllis is incredibly long lasting, and blooms for around seven weeks at a time. You’ll be set for the month before and after Christmas! They also work perfectly as a Christmas gift for friends and family.


Red roses are actually very common in Christmas bouquets and arrangements, and aren’t just for romantic occasions. Their vibrant colour perfectly complements the traditional holiday hues. Other colours like pink and white are also used during this festive season, but the standard red rose reigns above all. 

People particularly enjoy using roses with seasonal greens and golden foliage for that traditional Christmas colour scheme. You could make a stunning centrepiece with red and white roses to bring a pop of colour to your home.

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This curious little plant grows on a range of trees such as apple, oak and willow trees. In ancient times, people used to hang them around the house at the end of the year, as they believed mistletoe possessed mystical powers. It was said that it would bring good luck to the house, and ward off any evil spirits or demons. In Norse mythology, it was also used as a sign of love and friendship.

By the 18th century, mistletoe had been widely incorporated into Christmas festivities. It’s unclear exactly how the kissing custom evolved from a sacred herb to a seasonal decoration, but it seems to have originated among English servants before catching on with the middle classes. If a woman was seen standing under the mistletoe, men were permitted to steal a kiss from her, and it was considered unlucky to decline.

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