A Complete List Of Birth Month Flowers


Sending flowers is an art. The flower arrangements, the wrapping, the sweet fragrance, heartfelt note and most importantly, the choice of flowers. Did you know that just like birthstones, every month has its own birth flower? Continue reading to find out each meaning behind every birth month flower so you can celebrate your loved ones in a more poetic way.



Birth Flower: Carnation

The Carnation is January’s birth month flower. The carnation is very popular at weddings because it symbolizes love and admiration. Light red carnations symbolize admiration, dark red carnations symbolize deep love and affection, white carnations symbolize purity and luck and pink carnations symbolize gratitude.


Birth Flower: Violet

The February birth flower is the stunning Violet. Violets are known for their gorgeous blue heart-shaped leaves and fan-shaped petals. Although they are known for their deep purple colour, violets also come in a variety of colours, and with each their own meaning. Blue violets represent faithfulness and love, yellow represents worthiness and white represents purity. 


Birth Flower: Daffodils

March’s birth month flower is the Daffodil. Daffodils are cheerfully yellow and represent new beginnings as well as prosperity. The Daffodil’s bright yellow petals are a sure way to bring some sunshine into your loved one’s special day.


Birth Flower: Daisy & Sweet Peas 

Daisies and sweet peas both represent the month of April. Daisies are associated with purity, new beginnings, which also makes it ideal for celebrating new born babies. Sweet peas on the other hand signifies blissful pleasure. 


Birth Flower: The Lily Of The Valley & Hawthorne

The Lily of the Valley is none other than the May birth month flower. This very special flower is known for its bell-shaped white flower heads that bloom in the late spring. Because it is the birth flower of May, it is also called the mayflower. They symbolize sweetness, motherhood and humility. The other birth flower for the month of May is the hawthorne flower. It symbolizes hope and happiness.


Birth Flower: Rose

The classic and all-time favourite Rose finally makes an appearance in this list as June’s birth month flower. As we all know, red roses represent love and romance. Yellow roses for friendship, white roses for purity and pink roses symbolize happiness. 


Birth Flower: Larkspur & Water Lily

The birth flower for July is the Delphinium, also known as Larkspurs. These gorgeously bright July birth flowers symbolize positivity and strength. The Water Lily is also another birth flower for the month of July. It represents purity and majesty. 


Birth Flower: Gladiolus 

The long and elegant Gladiolus flower, also known as a Sword Lily, is the birth flower for August. Feeling infatuated by someone born in August? These gorgeous august birth flowers  are known to symbolize infatuation, strength of character and faithfulness. 


Birth Flower: Aster

Asters, the September birth flower, represent intelligence, bravery, and faith. Aster flowers come in many different colours with different meanings. Purple asters symbolize wisdom and devotion, and have long been used to denote royalty. Want to make someone feel like a queen or king? A bouquet of purple aster flowers will help you do just that!


Birth Flower: Marigold

It’s no surprise that the golden blooms of a Marigold would be the birth month flower of October, when the season of Autumn brings in rich warm tones. This vibrant flower signifies passion, creativity and courage. 


Birth Flower: Chrysanthemum 

The cheery Chrysanthemum is the birth flower of November. Its bright colors represent optimism and joy. Chrysanthemum flowers come in a wide spectrum of Colours and many believe it brings good luck and joy into your life. 


Birth Flower: Holly

We all know that December is the holiday season. But did you know that December’s official birth month flower is the Holly? How fitting! The holly flower represents fertility, merriment and good fortune. It is also known to symbolize domestic happiness! 

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