Facts About The Origins Of Wedding Bouquets

Wedding bouquets are an age-old tradition. For centuries, brides all over the world have held their bouquets close with absolute joy as they walked down the aisle. As a result, it has become every bride-to-be’s dream to find the right set of blooms that compliment their wedding dress. 

However, have you ever wondered where the tradition of wedding flower bouquets originated, and what is the significance behind it? Wedding bouquets have a rich and interesting history, which is precisely why they are one of the most crucial aspects of modern weddings. 

To help you fully understand the origins of this wonderful tradition, we’ve listed some of the key periods that morphed into what we know and love today!

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It may come as a surprise that floral arrangements were used during weddings from the times of the ancient Egyptians! This shows the depth behind the tradition, and how important it is to include it during the ceremony.

Ancient Egyptians & Greeks

The first known record of people using some sort of bouquet during weddings dates back to 800 BCE! However, there was a slight difference in the significance compared to the modern bouquet. Back then, marriage was either a rite of passage, or a merging of families to consolidate farmland. The former was primarily practiced by the nobility, as a way to celebrate the growth of their dynasty. 

The Egyptians, Greeks, and Roman had somewhat similar rituals. For the working class, brides usually carried a hand bouquet made of wheat; which symbolised fertility and fortune. On the other hand, the nobility would use indigenous flowers during their ceremonies. 

The Middle Ages

Between the 5th and 17th centuries, people were moving towards different ways to celebrate their union. The use of wheat was still abundant, however incorporating scents was popular during this period. 

During the Elizabethan era, flower arrangements made their debuts as part of wedding ceremonies. Compared to previous eras, flowers added a touch of colour, new scents, and joy to elevate the occasion. The “Kissing Knot” was also introduced during this period; which – similar to the mistletoe – was a bundle of fresh flowers that were suspended next to the bride and groom’s table, and every couple who passed under it must share a kiss. 

Victorian Era

Heading towards modern times, the Victorian era solidified floral designs as a crucial part of any celebration, especially weddings. Queen Victoria adored flowers and the symbolism behind them. Her team of party planners would sit for hours prior to a celebration to cut and create magnificent flower designs. After witnessing her flower-themed parties, people followed suit by organising stunning weddings filled with breath-taking blooms that represented love and unity. 

Modern Era

Today, it’s virtually impossible to find a romantic wedding that doesn’t involve flowers. From bloom-filled bridal cars to bridesmaids’ bouquets, flowers have become a crucial part of wedding planning. The allure of this wedding theme is also inspired by extravagant royal weddings, such as Princess Diana’s wedding in the 1980s, which solidified every person’s dream of experiencing royalty during their big day.

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