Gifting Flowers And Their Meanings

For hundreds of years, humans have been gifting flowers to express their affection to one another. But have you ever given thought as to why we attribute so much value to colourful plants? The quick answer is that the symbolism of flowers is derived from a variety of sources, from folklore, mythology, and literature, to the Bible. 

Flowers symbolise and represent a rich variety of emotions, experiences and occasions. From passion to sadness, a beautiful bouquet can speak volumes, especially when you’re gifting them to a loved one. So if you’d like to send special someone flowers, you should be aware of what they mean. 

Before we move on, you can watch this quick video by RafFacts for some quick flower facts:

Flower Meanings: The Meaning of Different Type of Flowers by RafFacts

Roses Meanings

Whether you’re getting ready for a first date or thinking about what to get your significant other, roses are always your best bet. Red roses symbolise love and passion, which is perfect for expressing your affection towards a loved one.

On the other hand, white roses are the perfect gift for a celebration. If a friend or family member is about to get married, a flower stand or bouquet filled with elegant white roses would truly brighten up the occasion.

Carnations Flower Gift Meanings

Delicate, yet striking, white carnations symbolise good fortune and purity. They’re perfect for a loved one who is planning a new venture or starting a new pursuit. This will tell them that you’re constantly rooting for them and that you hope everything will work out perfectly.

In contrast, yellow carnations are for mending bonds. They represent apologies and renewal. So if you’ve fallen out with a loved one, show them you’re looking to reestablish your bond with a gorgeous arrangement of bright yellow carnations. 

Tulips Flower Meanings

If you’re unconventional and don’t want to express your love with traditional red roses, take a look at red tulips. Although they are not your traditional symbol of passion, they are still a great way to declare your love! Tulips can also represent rebirth as they usually blossom at the beginning of spring. This makes them a great gift after a loved one has recently given birth to their bundle of joy. 

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These delicate and beautiful flowers are filled with symbolism. Each colour represents something different, which makes lilies quite special among the rest. For instance, white lilies symbolise rebirth and rejuvenation; which makes it the perfect gift when a loved one is welcoming a new addition to the family. On the other hand, pink lilies represent femininity and admiration. 

Therefore, pink lilies are a great gift to send to your mother, sister, or any woman that is closest to you! If you’re interested in knowing more about the history of lilies and learn more about what the different colours mean, you can check out this article to find out more!


This magnificent floral is native to various cultures around the world, so it may mean different things from culture to culture. For example, since magnolias have been on earth for over 20 million years, they symbolise eternity and endurance. This would make them the perfect gift for birthdays! 

Other cultures also state that magnolias represent beauty and magnificence, making it a great present for your significant other. If you’re curious about the history of magnolias, Gardnerdy’s article on the matter is quite extensive and filled with intriguing facts!


These tall and bright yellow florals are so distinct that you could recognise them a mile away! Much like their stature, what they represent is also quite significant. Sunflowers can symbolise intelligence, happiness and vitality. Similar to magnolias, sunflowers would be the perfect gift for a loved one’s special day. 

Much like any other flower type, sunflowers have a rich and colourful history. Check out this article to learn more about all of the interesting facts that sunflowers can offer!

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