How To Pick Graduation Flowers In 2021

Graduating from school or university is always a proud moment for anyone. This is why coming together as a family is important to celebrate the recent graduate’s achievements! However, due to the current situation, it’s not feasible for everyone to celebrate in one place. 

The solution? A graduation bouquet of gorgeous blooms that’ll let the graduate know how proud you are of their achievements. Luckily, we offer some of the best graduation flowers in Singapore! 

But first, we’re here to let you know about the types of blooms that are best suited for a graduation flower bouquet. 

If you’re the type of person that prefers to ‘DIY’, watch this video by Bloomshop Florist to learn how to wrap your very own graduation bouquet:

How To Gift Graduation Flowers

Before we move on, let’s talk about when you should give your graduating loved one a bouquet. Graduation day is a nerve-racking experience, despite it being such a joyous occasion. Therefore, you must be aware of how to time your gift to help ease their frazzled nerves.

First, if you can’t attend the ceremony, it’s always best to send your fresh flowers a day prior to graduation day. This method will help them realise the magnitude of their achievement a day earlier, which will get the graduate pumped up for the occasion! 

On the other hand, if you are able to attend, you could send your loved one off with a beautiful and vibrant bouquet of flowers right before the ceremony commences. This will allow them to stand out from the rest, and hopefully ease their nerves before going up on stage.  

Which Flowers Should You Pick?

In general, there is an endless choice of flowers when it comes to gifting hand bouquets. However, it’s always important to put in some thought about what different flower types may mean – especially if it’s a happy occasion. You can also include an array of graduation gifts to accompany the eye-catching bouquet. 


As previously mentioned in our blog entry about gifting flowers and their meanings, a classic bouquet of red roses represents passion and love. Your loved one will instantly realise how much you adore and admire them!


Lucious and colourful, peonies are usually gifted during joyous occasions that mark the beginning of a new life, such as weddings and graduation. You can bestow your nervous graduate with a vibrant bouquet of peonies to keep them hopeful! 

If you’d like to know more about the wide range of flowers you can gift during a graduation ceremony, check out Ode à la Rose’s blog on the topic! 

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