Predictions for Aquarius in February 2023

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Goodbye Capricorn season, and helloooooo Aquarius besties!

It’s time for the Aquarius season, which is filled with progressiveness, independence and individuality. It’s the season for you to feel limitless, and think of yourself as capable of anything and everything. 

If you’re feeling sciency, astrologers claim that Aquarius is an air sign ruled by the planet Uranus – it’s known as the planet of originality, innovation and freedom. They take it as a sign that some of us will feel a bit more courageous, creative, and dare we say, rebellious.

Some people know Aquarius people to be the ones thinking outside the box constantly, letting go of the old and embracing the new. While Capricorns focus on improving based on the past, Aquarians look towards the future.

Let’s take a look at what this season holds for you, regardless of your horoscope!

Aquarius Season in 2023

With the somewhat rainy season comes a breath of fresh air. This is the month for you to minimise the negativity, and focus on the good things in your life. You might feel the urge to shake off the rules and ‘should-dos’ of the past months – go for it! Take off your shoes and run on a path of your own, celebrating your individuality and spirit.

It’s also the season for connecting with others – but not everyone around you. Let’s be real, mental games are exhausting, and it’s not worth your sanity to play them. Surround yourself with people who understand you, and put in the same effort that you give to them. 

How It Impacts Your Career

Career-wise, it might be the season of opportunities. A chance for you to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes might arise, and you should jump on it. Be more informed about your work and take control of your career.

For example, this means taking some free courses, contributing more to team meetings or asking more questions. This extra effort can go a long way and do lots of good for you.

How It Impacts Your Romance

When it comes to romance, it’s time for you to dig deeper with your partner. Challenge yourself (and them) with heavier conversations about topics that are important, or uncomfortable to talk about. Having open, honest conversations about your life together will only help you and your partner grow as a couple.

If you’re attempting to get into a relationship, slow down and have a steady hold on the reins of the conversation. Taking your time in an intentional way can help foster a better sense of closeness, and prove beneficial for you!

How It Impacts You

Whether it’s your social life or you personally, you may find yourself in a more irritable, jumpy state. You might develop less patience than usual for people who don’t click with you, especially if they’re boring or small-minded.

Do your best this season to stay open-hearted and kind. While your individualistic urges may be strong, remember that you should actively also invest in your friendships and communities. It’s important to have our own little spark, but remember that a fire cannot burn on its own. 

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