The Best Flower Arrangement Ideas In 2021

Gifting or receiving a bouquet of flowers is always a joyous occasion. However, have you ever wanted to up your flower arranging skills? Well, we’ve got you covered! Whether it’s a simple bundle of flowers or a beautiful table flower arrangement, we’ve listed some ideas that’ll get the creative ball rolling. 

Before we move on to our list, you can also check out Clevely’s video for some quick flower arrangement hacks!

The Centrepiece 

One of the simplest, yet classiest flower arrangements, the centrepiece uses short and colourful flowers. This allows it to be eye-catching, but not too distracting when you’re having a conversation with a friend. To create this wonderful floral arrangement, you’ll need a narrow metal bowl, floral foam, and fresh flowers of your choice. First, cut the foam to fit the bowl, then build your arrangement from the outside to the inside.

The Three-Tiered Arrangement

A special arrangement for special occasions, the three-tier arrangement is a large bouquet of beautiful flowers that is a perfect table arrangement. As the name suggests, this arrangement will consist of three layers of tall flowers. For the top layer, place the flowers as is, while for the last two layers, you will need to trim the stems accordingly. Once you’re done, the result should be a perfect bouquet of flowers in ranging heights that will instantly catch anyone’s eye. 

Purple Flowers

Colour me purple! This is for the people who adore a touch purple in their living space. Since this arrangement focuses on colour, you can be as creative as you want in terms of the size and height of the flowers. 

However, we suggest placing the brightest purple flower in the centre, and then the more modest hues around them. This will create a focal point to your eye-catching flower bouquet. 

The Rose Arrangement

One of the classics, a red rose arrangement is one of the easiest to create. However, to make your red roses pop, you can also add a variety of rose colours! We also suggest choosing a bright vase that is a colour on the other end of the spectrum, such as blue or green.

The Rainbow Arrangement

Whether you prefer light or darker tones, this arrangement is the perfect choice if you’d like to go wild with various types of flowers! The main objective of this arrangement is to add a splash of colour. With your tone of choice, cut the stems accordingly and place them in the vase based on the contrast of the colours. You can mix it up by placing darker hues with brighter ones as well, to keep things interesting. 

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