Tips That Are Perfect For First Dates In 2021

The day prior to your date with someone is always a stressful period. Your mind will probably be racing with various emotions and scenarios about how the day will turn out. However, we’re here to ease your anxiousness! We’ve listed out some of the best first date ideas in Singapore to help you be prepared for your big day! 

If you’re planning to bring a thoughtful gift along with you, watch this video that’ll give you some ideas of what you should buy! 

These tips are designed to prepare you for your big day. So take a deep breath and figure out how you’re going to make the day a success!


A traditional first date gift, a bouquet of beautiful flowers is the perfect way to kick things off. You have a variety of options to choose from. From vibrant red roses to elegant lilies, you’ll have to find out which flower type will surprise your date the most. 

You also have the option of choosing to bring along a bouquet or a bloom box. The latter is beautiful, long-lasting and a perfect addition to your date’s home. This would allow them to fondly reminisce on a great day out. 

Prepare Topics

It’s no secret that first dates can turn awkward very quickly. So how do you avoid the dreaded uncomfortable silence? Plan out what topics you’d like to talk about! We’re not telling you to structure it as a job interview, but you should have some form of idea as to what you’d want to find out about your potential partner. 

Reduce Phone Use

This is a deal breaker. When you and your date finally decide on where to sit and have a nice cup of coffee, stay away from your phone! There’s nothing ruder than you going through your phone or replying to texts while your date is talking.

You will immediately give off a bad impression as someone that is not attentive and does not care about what your companion is saying. So put your phone on silent and actively listen! 

Plan The Day

Similar to topic preparations, you should also think about what you’re going to do ahead of time. You don’t want to drag your date along to random places, hoping they’re open for business or don’t need a reservation. For example, you can start the date with a delicious cone of ice cream while you walk through the Botanic Gardens. Of course, it’s best to discuss the itinerary with your date to make sure they can also enjoy the day. 


One final tip from us would be to take a deep breath and relax! If your nerves are eased, you’ll be free to be yourself. Remember, your date will most probably be feeling anxious too, so it’s best that one of you drives the day without any worries.  

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