Year of the Rabbit – Staying Lucky!

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According to the Chinese Zodiac, it’s the year of the Rabbit! They are the quiet and gentle, but skillful and responsible ones of the zodiac. At times, they tend to slip away from reality, but will always remain loyal to the ones they love and care about.

However it’s a popular belief that you will have a rather unlucky year if it’s your Chinese zodiac of the year. People believed that you would offend the God of Age in Chinese mythology (Tai Sui) as it is your birth year, and that you would experience tricky challenges and circumstances throughout your year.

For all of those born in the year of the Rabbit, here are some ways for you to stay lucky throughout your year! And for those of you who are born on the other years of the Chinese Zodiac, check out this blog on lucky colours for Chinese New Year.

Avoiding Big Changes

It’s better for Rabbits to avoid drastic changes or next big steps in life, such as getting married, having a child or starting a new company. Career-wise, you will be okay if you work hard – there might even be a promotion in the works!

Life this year can take you on numerous adventures and turns, with surprising or bewildering moments around each corner. So make sure to be careful, and be on your toes. As it is your year after all, a rainbow is sure to come after the wind and rain!

Wearing Red Undies

We’re not joking – red underwear and socks can improve a Rabbit’s luck for the year! It will provide protection against bad luck, and help boost your luck in other areas such as wealth and career..

Carry Dog Charms

The Dog and Rabbit of the Zodiac are considered to be an auspicious match. If they aren’t partners, they are most likely close friends. 

To improve on your year’s luck, you should carry around dog charms or trinkets, such as pendants or keychains. If you’re especially superstitious, get a blessed dog charm from the temple to ensure you have a lucky year ahead.

Wear Your Lucky Colours

The lucky colours for the Rabbit this year are blue and green. Green is the luckiest colour of the year, which encourages balance, harmony and stability. It’s also the colour that is believed to have the best calming and soothing effect, and is often used in homes or clothes to create a harmonious atmosphere.

Similar to green, blue is also associated with bringing in peace and softness into your life. Have a harmonious year ahead when you assemble these colours into your clothes and home!

Donate Blood

While this sounds scary, it’s actually a good idea for able-bodied Rabbits to donate blood this year – particularly in the second and eighth months of the lunar calendar. Some people believe that this will help avoid unlucky accidents that might end up in bloodshed or blood loss.

Lucky Flowers

The lucky flowers for the Rabbit this year are the lilies and jasmine. These pure blooms are believed to be uplifting for both the body and mind. Fill your spaces with fresh flower arrangements consisting of either lilies, jasmine or both!

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