5 Flowers To Boost Your Mood


Flowers have mood-boosting secrets we can all benefit from. Just like music or good food, flowers have the power to put us in a good mood. You may have read our previous entry about the benefits of having fresh flowers at home. But you may wonder, what kind of flowers exactly? Keep reading to discover how different types of flowers can work as an all-natural mood booster for better days ahead!

  1. Orchids

Besides being absolutely pleasing to the eye, the orchid is also a practical flower that can improve your emotional well-being! This flower that grows year round is known to increase positive energy in a room. 

People often visit loved-ones in hospitals with orchids as a gift to lift their spirits. We also suggest putting it in your home or by your bedroom dresser to help you breathe easy.

  1. Lilies

White flowers like calla lilies, lily of the valley, true lilies and asiatic lilies offer bedtime bliss for those seeking a remedy for insomnia. Tossing and turning in bed can be frustrating. Place some potted lilies in your room or by your bedside table for a restful night and maybe even sweet dreams. 

  1. Grape Hyacinth

Spring flowers with bright colors like the unique grape hyacinth is a spring bloomer that can also bloom up a smile on your face. These purple flowers come from the lily family and have bulb shaped flowers. Placing a bunch of these bright beautiful flowers anywhere in your home for a positive feel-good spring in your step wherever you go! 

  1. Yellow Marigold

The sight of bright yellow flowers can instantly fill us up with feelings of warmth and happiness. It is a color of confidence and determination. The easy to grow yellow marigold is the perfect bloom to increase productivity and elevate cheer. As bright as the sunshine, it is an immediate mood-booster on rainy days. 

  1. Roses

The saying ‘stop and smell the roses’ didn’t come out of nowhere. This simple yet powerful saying is a reminder to recognize the beauty of life, no matter how overworked or overwhelmed we may get from day to day stress.

Placing potted roses in areas of leisure in your home calms the mind and can even alleviate headaches. 

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