A Guide To Preserving Fresh Flowers In 2022

If you’ve received a gorgeous flower bouquet for Valentine’s Day, they may start to wither soon if you haven’t taken the necessary steps! Fret not, we’ve got you covered! There are a few techniques to make a bouquet of lovely flowers last for as long as possible. So we’ve come up with a list of methods that help preserve flowers or extend the life of your floral arrangement.

If you’re in a hurry, you can check out this video by Buzzfeed for simple ways to make your bouquet of flowers last longer:

Remove The Stems

When you receive a beautiful bouquet, cutting the stems is one of the finest ways to extend the life of the blooms. The best way to cut the stems is using garden shears, but you may use whatever type of scissors you have lying around. If you repeat this method every few days, your flowers will stay fresh and vibrant for a bit longer.

Keep An Eye On The Leaves

The number of bacteria that inhabit leaves is one of the reasons why fresh-cut flowers wither quickly. This accelerates the withering process, which can be avoided if the dried leaves are removed before they fall. So, if you detect any dried up leaves or petals, make it a practice to remove them in order to keep your flowers healthy.

Avoid Too Much Sun

Flowers may like soaking up the sun’s rays, but too much heat can be damaging to them. Flowers, contrary to popular opinion, stay fresh longer in cooler regions of your home. Therefore, avoid putting them in places where they might get too hot, such as the kitchen.

Unfortunately, your flowers have a limited lifespan. However, if you want to keep the memories alive, here are some easy ideas on how to preserve fresh flowers:

Press Your Flowers

This procedure will help preserve the bright colours and texture of your flowers. But you’ll need one thing – something heavy (preferably a phonebook). Push down with all your power, and there you have it! You’ll have a collection of preserved flowers that you can put in your family photo album or frame them for display.

Allow to air dry

This process may take some time, but it is an efficient way to keep the colours and fragrance of your flowers. To begin, gather the leaves and bind the blooms together into bundles. Then, to expedite the drying process, hang them upside down in a well-ventilated area.

Use A Microwave Or Air Fryer

Although this is an unconventional and time-consuming method, drying flowers in a microwave can be highly effective. To begin, prepare a microwave-safe container by covering the bottom with silica gel, a moisture absorbent. Then, lay your blossoms on top and sprinkle with extra silica gel.

Microwave the container for 2-5 minutes, but keep in mind that heat resistance varies from flower to flower. Brush the gel off once you’re through, and you’ll have a lovely collection of dried and preserved flowers ready to be framed!

However, if you feel this method is too time consuming, you can use an air fryer instead! To dry flowers in your air fryer, simply set the air fryer to the lowest temperature and add a single layer of flowers to the basket. After a quick 15 minutes, your flowers should be completely dry and ready for your creative ideas!   

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