Top 5 Flower Bouquet Types That Help You Relax

The struggles of everyday life can take a toll on even the toughest among us. Everyone goes through a stressful day, and we all have our own way to deal with it. Some people spend time with their loved ones, pick up the novel they’ve always wanted to finish, or become a couch potato for a day or two! All of these methods are legitimate ways to help you unwind so you can be well-rested and ready for a new challenge-filled week.

However, did you know that flowers can help you relax? Some blooms are mood enhancers due to their soothing effects! We’ve compiled a list of the best stress relieving flowers, so be sure to get yourself a flower bouquet!

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First on the list is the gorgeous and soothing lavender. This beautiful flower is known for qualities that calm your mind and body. The Lavender scent can also reduce blood pressure levels, resulting in a calmer state of mind. After a few whiffs, your stress levels will surely reduce, and its calming properties will result in a good night’s sleep!


A classic calming flower, the Chamomile is perfect to ease your mind after a stressful day. Its calming properties have been shown to promote relaxation and improve sleep; which is precisely why it has been used by people for centuries. To get the most out of Chamomile, leave a few flowers on your nightstand to ensure your room is filled with a calming and relaxing scent all night long.


Beauty is not the only thing that makes this famous flower special! The Jasmine has a distinct scent that can help you achieve a sense of calm. If you have a few Jasmine flowers lying around, pluck a handful of petals and fold them into a tissue paper and keep it with you all day. When stress start to hit dangerous levels, you can take out your strategically placed Jasmine petals for a calming hit to help you relax. 


This beautiful bloom is a great way to help soothe your mind and soul. A symbol of mental health awareness, it’s fitting that the Clematis can also calm you down by simply smelling its gorgeous purple petals.  


A traditional flower that is also widely used as a form of tea, the Chrysanthemum is filled with relaxing properties. Additionally, it can help improve your metabolism and overall productivity for a successful day at the office! 

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