Christmas Gift Ideas To Prepare You For The Holiday Season

Christmas is just around the corner, and what better way to prepare yourself than planning your Noel gifts ahead of time! If you’re someone that always leaves shopping to the very last minute, it’s time to break the habit. Planning ahead helps you decide on a set of meaningful and indulgent gifts for your loved ones. 

However, we understand that this isn’t a simple task. Which is exactly why we’ve listed some of the best early Christmas present ideas that you can add to your list before the shopping rush begins!

Before we move on to our list of gift ideas, here’s a quick video to help you create your very Christmas tree at home!

We’ve compiled this list because figuring out the perfect gift for the holiday season isn’t simple; but we’ve realised that anything that comes from the heart would suffice as a great holiday gift!

Bloom Box

Bloom boxes are a new craze in the world of flower bouquets. They may be somewhat unconventional, but they still hold the same significance as traditional bouquets of beautiful florals. The best thing about bloom boxes is that they are much more convenient!

The boxes are designed for easier mobility, and the blooms are set on a sheet of foam to keep them in place. This will ease your loved one’s burden of having to look for a vase and worrying about where to place the bundle of blooms. 

If you’re sold on this new floral trend, check out our top selling box, Céleste, and our full list of blooms boxes that will blow your loved ones away!

Games & Snacks Hamper

If your loved ones enjoy a relaxing night at home, then this hamper would be the perfect gift set! Filled with an array of card games and delicious snacks, Simply Hamper’s “Merry All The Way” is a great way to bring friends and family together during the festive season. Check out the full list of games and snacks to make sure this is the right gift for your loved ones!

Wine Hamper

This one’s for the wine connoisseurs! With a couple of bottles of fine wine, and paired with a bar of luxury chocolates, Simply Hamper’s “Celebrations” hamper is a great gift for those who love to relax and indulge once in a while. If you think this is the perfect Christmas gift for a loved one, browse the full list of high-end wine and chocolate today!

Bake Their Favourite Treats

This idea may be a little audacious, especially if you’re not an experienced baker. However, if you can’t think of the perfect Christmas gift, it’s always best to go with something that’s straight from the heart! From gingerbread cookies to a delicious Christmas-themed cake, we’re sure you can step out of your comfort zone and bake something that’s absolutely delicious. Remember to be generous with the frosting! 

Christmas Stocking

What’s more festive than a stocking filled with delicious and addictive candy! This suggestion is the perfect gift as it’s perfect for all ages. Fill up the stockings with colourful candy canes and chocolate, and we’re sure your loved ones will be snacking all day long! 

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Send A Christmas Hamper From The Heart

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