Tips For An Outdoor Garden Wedding


Wedding season is upon us and love is in the air! As a lover of flowers and all things natural, we can safely say that nature is certainly the best backdrop when celebrating that special day. 

Need some ideas on outdoor wedding themes and outdoor wedding venues? You’re in the right place. We’ve put together a guide on how to make that garden wedding reception fairytale come true. From decorations to food, here’s all you need to know! 

  1.  An Arch To Exchange Vows

With the surrounding lush greenery, you need not to over do it when it comes to decorations for the wedding. However, what’s important is an arch and a stunning backdrop. It serves as the centerpiece of your ceremony and it is where you will exchange vows and tie the knot. 

We suggest a circular arch decorated with fresh floral arrangements that matches your bridal bouquet. You can even add some sparkle by adding some fairy lights onto the arch.

  1. A Flower Table Centerpiece 

Make your beloved guests feel like they’re dining at the peak of springtime with gorgeous wedding bouquets as centrepieces. 

There’s so much you can do when using beautiful flowers for wedding centrepieces. You can get creative with our Bloom Boxes customized to match your wedding color palette or add a combination of roses, vines and even pampas grass into mason jars or vases. Whether you’re going for something muted and modern or vibrant and fresh, be sure to stick to a theme. 

  1. A Themed Menu

Whether it’s a European styled roast at the garden terrace or a Asian-inspired full catering service, be sure to keep in mind that the weather may be hot and humid.

What’s a garden wedding without a garden salad? Fresh salads, fruits and cold desserts make a great way to cool-off after a delicious meal. Have iced-tea and lemonade available at various corners at the venue make sure your guests stay hydrated long enough to make it to the dance floor at the end of the night!

  1. Music To Suit The Mood

The music selection at your wedding sets the tone for the whole occasion. The more personal the music, the better. Have a favorite road-trip song you share with the love of your life? What will the song to your first dance be? Make a list to get started. 

You can choose to hire a band, wedding singer or a DJ to play some recorded music. We suggest some indie tracks to best suit the beautiful outdoor vibe of a garden wedding. Don’t forget to add some dance tracks for everyone to let loose on the dance floor.

  1. Be Prepared For Anything

Celebrating in the great outdoors has its charm but it also means that you will be at the mercy of the weather! Fret not, with some proper planning and preparations, nothing can stop you on your big day. 

We suggest renting tents that can shield you and your guests from the rain. It is also great to have umbrellas on stand-by. Rent an industrial fan If you think the weather will be warm or have paper fans ready for each guest as a party favor. 

We hope you’ve gained some insights on how to prep the outdoor wedding of your dreams! Planning can get stressful. But when in doubt, stop to smell the flowers and carry on.

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