Ways to Uplift Your Space At Home

Over the past couple of years, many of us have grown accustomed to living and working from home. We’ve created spaces for ourselves to do work or relax, building up corners or rooms with new tables, rugs, pillows, and blankets, taking inspiration from Pinterest or Instagram’s multitude of minimalism designs. Some of us find refuge in these spaces away from noisy siblings or loud televisions, revelling in the calm that it brings us just by being there.

However, over time, people begin to realise that minimalism takes effort to maintain, and clutter starts to build up. You start feeling anxious about the constant stream of random things to pick up or dust off around your home, and with work and day-to-day tasks, sometimes you just have no time for it. In fact, clutter and disorganisation have been proven to contribute to stress and anxiety, as they make your brain slower and more prone to irritation and frustration.

While there is no doubt that decluttering can improve your well-being, there are other ways to ensure that you have a comfortable, breathable space at home. Let’s look at how you can uplift your space and spirit, and transform your home.


Lighting influences the way you feel, especially in a space that you call your own. It can affect your brain on a conscious level as well as a subconscious one. Ultimately, it can make or break a calming space.

The most common example is blue light. It’s great for productivity and focus, and offices use a ton of blue light to increase energy and focus. A bright and evenly lit area can make for a great workspace. However, it’s absolutely terrible for sleep or relaxation, so keep that in mind if you want to build a space for yourself to relax!

If your space is meant to be calming, bring in more yellow light. Soft and yellowish lighting is able to reduce tension, and encourages your brain to relax. Natural light does wonders to boost your spirit, so make sure to let some sunlight in! If you don’t have a window available, get some candles to help relax the mood in your space. White candles add an air of calm and relaxation to the room around them.

Furniture and Decoration

We have a few favourite tips for sprucing up your space with some furniture and knick-knacks. Our first tip – surround yourself with wooden furniture!

Wood is an element that can bring about an aura of relaxation to any room. It can evoke calmness and stability, and it grounds us well. Furniture like wooden tables, shelves, or even decorative items like vases, is able to add a touch of warmth to any space. You don’t have to break the bank to get items like picture frames or coasters either! Easily fill your space with decoration for less than 50SGD.

Our next favourite tip is using mirrors. They’re not only used for examining your appearance but also significantly improve the sense of space in a room. When strategically placed, mirrors can produce optical illusions that give the impression of a small space being much larger than it actually is. Mirrors also help to reflect light in a room, helping it to feel as big and bright as possible. 

When building a space for yourself, consider your wall colour! Shades of beige, soft blue, light green, and grey are ideal to create a relaxing environment. If your motive is to relax, avoid using colours such as red, yellow or orange as they tend to have a more energetic tone to them.

Pick decoration and furniture that are of these colours:

  • Gray-blue
  • Mauve 
  • Beige
  • Dusty pink
  • Grey 
  • Lilac
  • Light green
  • Brown
  • Ivory 

Another way to uplift the space around you is with flowers. Flowers are incredibly soothing, both visually and aromatically. They help to reduce tension and stress, and boost your spirits and wellbeing. You may use fake or real flowers, succulents, cactus, terrariums, and more to decorate your space, giving it a boost in colour and atmosphere.

If you’re not a fan of long-stemmed florals and tall glass vases, you can opt for cutting your flowers down and placing them on a vanity tray. Spruce up dressers and side tables with floral arrangements and decorative centrepieces like crystals, jewellery trays and more. 

Check out our crowd-favourite bloom box, the Lovely Clementine. This delightful arrangement brings summery colours into your home with roses, eustomas, rose spray, Veronicas, carnations, mini coin leaves and preserved rice flowers. Against a neutral backdrop, this box is truly a showstopper!


The smell of a room plays a bigger part than it looks. A stuffy, humid room will put a damper on your spirit, and eventually affect your mood. 

Clean out areas and furniture that have potential to grow mould, mildew, water leaks, condensation, or moisture. These include:

  • Air conditioning or vents
  • Laundry baskets with old clothes
  • Upholstery like curtains, rugs or furniture
  • Fake and real potted plants or vases

If you have a window, make sure to open it frequently to air your space. Inside your home, there are a ton of pollutants wafting around in a relatively confined area. This makes the air from outside potentially healthier than the air inside your home, even with pollutants like smoke, pollen and more!

In a humid country like Singapore, moisture can sometimes be an issue in smaller homes and rooms. Mould and mildew thrive in moist environments, and the air can retain foul odours. Consider getting a small dehumidifier to help pull moisture out of your home! Your space will feel less stuffy, and smell much better.

If you’d like to enhance the smell of your space, purchase a small diffuser and some essential oils. Dropping some essential oils into a diffuser is one of the best ways to bring about a relaxing vibe! Among the many essential oil types that are excellent for reducing stress, anxiety, and poor sleep, we recommend eucalyptus, lavender, and lemongrass! You could also use scented candles, but be wary of fire hazards at all times.

Another way to bring about a relaxing scent in your space is to use fresh flowers. They help to brighten up your space, filter the air, and remove toxins and pollutants. In addition, if you want to get creative with your home’s design, flowers are incredibly simple to incorporate into ornaments and light fixtures. They also work quite well as ornaments on their own if you’re creative with flower arrangements or flower baskets.

Brighten up your room with our best-selling bloom box, Twilight! With a gorgeous-smelling bunch of eustomas, pink roses, orchids, carnations, mini eucalyptus, and hydrangeas, the dusky purples and pops of pink are a perfect addition to your space.


As mentioned in the beginning, clutter plays a big part in uplifting your space. Too many things can be distracting, and they instil a sense of chaos and disorderliness. If you want a calming space, you have to clear it first!

Put away clothes that were left out, including those hanging on chairs, behind doors, or swept under beds. Get rid of unnecessary items and be mindful of the things you bring in or buy online. As Marie Kondo says, discard everything that does not spark joy.

While online shopping sales have skyrocketed over the past couple of years, it’s time to sit back and rethink some of our purchases. Before making a purchase, consider how you would use it in your daily life and why you would want it. If you can’t imagine yourself using the item often in the future, there’s a good chance it’ll just become another bit of unused clutter.    

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