Where to Purchase the Perfect Gift

Let’s just say – we’ve all been there.

It’s either the holidays approaching, someone’s birthday or another grand occasion coming up, and you’ve run out of gift ideas. You have a list of people that are practically impossible to shop for, such as your in-laws saying “We don’t need anything”, or your friends saying “just sharing a meal is fine!”.

But you know that isn’t really true. Trust us, we know!

Next time the opportunity for a gift comes around, explore your options online! Online shopping has grown at a phenomenal rate over the past couple of years, and it only continues to thrive. Shopping for gifts online rather than in a store is not only more convenient, but it also saves time and money while providing an incredible variety of gifts to choose from.

But with so much to choose from, how exactly do you buy the perfect gift for someone else? We’ve narrowed it down to three websites (including us!) where you can purchase flower gift sets, specialty balloons, and exquisite hampers. Let’s check it out!

Flower & Balloon

Flower & Balloon is the #1 best curated balloon hamper website in Singapore. Surprise your loved ones with their range of stunning, curated balloon and flower bouquets. Each arrangement comes with a personalised balloon message that is fully customizable to your needs. Buyers can even add on extras such as cakes and candles, or even opt for fruit hampers or baby hampers.

Here are some reasons why balloons and flowers make the perfect gift. Anyone can enjoy receiving a bouquet regardless of their age. Balloons and flowers are both joyful and colourful, and they have the ability to instantly put a smile on anyone’s face. Additionally, bouquets like these are easily transportable to most locations or events. They also provide customizability, versatility, and perfect photo opportunities for an affordable price!

Spoilt for choices? Here are three of our favorites from Flower & Balloon.

Spring Showers is a sophisticated, beautifully decorated flower and balloon arrangement designed for any occasion. It’s packed with gorgeous carnations, preserved hydrangea, eustoma, caspia and other lovely blooms. Top it off with a personalised, customisable message prepared in an exquisite hat box. Perfect for any anniversary or birthday, or even a present on Valentine’s Day!

The highly-rated Joyful Caress is the epitome of what Flower & Balloon was created for in the first place – spreading happiness. This balloon bouquet aims to spread warm wishes and joy with its bright, cheerful colours. Reds and pinks are the signature colours of this bouquet, adorned with roses, carnations, eucalyptus and more stunning blooms. It’s all packed in a wooden crate with three mini balloons, with personalised texts available upon purchase.
Another crowd favourite is the Autumn Blooms, perfect for any romantic occasion or formal event. True to its name, this bouquet is a homage to the coziest season of the year. Some of the best florists in Singapore worked together to create this artistically-styled bouquet, filled with colourful roses, eustoma, hydrangeas, and waxflowers. This lovely display of purple-orange blooms are delivered in a stylish hat box, along with four mini balloons with personalised text of your choice.

From birthday celebrations to grand openings, Flower & Balloon is able to cater to your celebratory needs. Surprise your loved one today with a balloon hamper delivery, available throughout Singapore. Check out what they offer today!

Simply Hamper

What’s better than unwrapping a gift? Well, unwrapping a gift filled with a bunch of other gifts, of course!

Much like balloon bouquets, hampers are just as versatile and budget-friendly for any and every occasion. Fruit hampers to wish someone a speedy recovery, tonic hampers for elderly relatives and parents, or even baby hampers for a friend’s baby shower. And that’s right – Simply Hamper has it all.

Hampers are fun to open, and show that you’ve made an effort to be thoughtful about a gift – even if you really didn’t think too much about it! At Simply Hamper, you can pick one that suits your budget and purpose, and personalise it with a gift message of your own. Top it off with cakes or flowers, and you’re ready to go.

Let’s take a look at our top three recommendations from Simply Hamper.

Our first recommendation would be the baby category. As you approach the age where friends are getting married and having their first child, chances are you will need to scout for a suitable baby shower gift. The Welcome To The World hamper has all you need for any newborn, as well as a first-time mother! There are baby essentials such as organic bamboo washcloths, bibs, and a head shaping pillow from Baby. The new parents will also receive a pack of bird’s nest with ginseng and rock sugar to aid them in their new stage of life.

Our next category would be food – because who doesn’t love food? Scout the food hampers on Simply Hamper to pick out a hamper that’s jammed packed with delicious snacks. The Snacks oh Crumbly is an affordable, versatile food hamper that works for any occasion for anyone. It features a compilation of well-loved snacks that will delight loved ones, colleagues, and even the neighbours! Feast on Golden Bon Bon Almond Crunchy Maple Nougat and Beryl’s Chocolate Butter Cookies, along with other goodies packed in an exquisite tray box. And best of all, it’s halal-certified.

Finally, we absolutely have to introduce the wellness category. Perfect for sending as a get-well-soon gift, or for elderly family members, these hampers contain the best healthy essences and snacks on the market. We personally love the Flavorsome Care hamper, which contains a delectable bunch of health-boosting succulents! Shower your loved one with extra strength and happiness with this exquisite gift basket, filled with bird’s nest, essence of chicken, assorted fresh fruits and more.

Simply Hamper is always ready to help you with your gifting options. They’re here to disrupt the hamper market by making finding the perfect gift a walk in the park. Learn more about them and their story here!

Simply Blooms

We couldn’t end this without a shoutout to ourselves! Simply Blooms has unique bloom boxes for every occasion, created with the best flowers from florists around Singapore. Our one-design-a-week is curated carefully by our team, with only the freshest blooms available. 

When considering a gift for a loved one, many people think about flowers, whether as the main gift or as a complement to their gift. Flowers also come with convenience and accessibility, and are an easy gift to send, especially when you’re not sure of a gift. Whether it’s love, happiness, or affection, appreciation, sympathy, or saying sorry – flowers are able to communicate these feelings across in an elegant manner. Send flowers if you are unfamiliar with a person’s tastes but want to congratulate or thank them!

The convenience of online flower shopping is that you have everything at your fingertips. Some people may prefer to visit a florist for a more personal experience. However, when the time comes when you want to send flowers to further locations, many people would prefer using an online delivery service such as Simply Hamper. There are many inexpensive bouquets that you can order online with us, and opt to have delivered to your loved one’s door the same day!

You may purchase our bloom box of the week, or check out other flower arrangements we have to offer.

Our Lé Fione is one of our best selling bloom boxes – and for all the right reasons too! This gorgeous bloom box is filled with eustomas, roses, chrysanthemum balls, rose spray, dry hydrangeas and mini coin leaves. Filled with feminine pinks and rosy reds, this bloom box is a perfect way to show your love to your friends, family, or partner.

Another best-seller on top of the list would be the Twilight bloom box. This dusky arrangement of purples and muted pinks is a great way to show off your love and appreciation for your special one. This exquisite box contains fresh flowers such as eustomas, pink roses, orchids, carnations, mini eucalyptus, and hydrangeas. Pair it with a personalised gift card and you’re set for any special occasion!

Last but certainly not least, meet Céleste, one of our pride and joys. This pretty pink extraordinaire is filled with roses, matthiolas, carnations, and more, enough to bring a blush to anyone’s cheeks. Cradled with white blooms and greenery, this stunning bloom box has been one of our best sellers for the longest time. Absolutely one of the best ways to tell your special one how much they mean to you.

Shop With Simply Blooms Today!

If you’re looking for the best flower delivery in Singapore, Simply Blooms has got your back. You can elevate your gift to make your occasion unforgettable, with everything from adorable plushies to alluring fragrances. Check out our complete list of add-ons before adding them to your cart!

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